Bridges are metaphors for everything in life, … In today's fast moving world the bridge is not just about getting back and forth between north and south, east and west. The bridge is about connecting our lives and our communities.

Bridge Capital Management – Connecting Your Investment Goals Today with the Opportunities To Build a Better Tomorrow

Investment Strategy

Bridge Capital Management employs an income plus growth strategy within all of its funds. This generally means investing in development properties while creating  income through the Bridge Value-Add model and exiting at the most opportune time.
Bridge focuses on investment opportunities whose success does not require a particular economic environment nor does it depend on a rising real estate market. Instead, Bridge seeks to capitalize on opportunities arising out of increasing demand that can be sustained even in the face of a recession or a decline in general real estate values. This is achieved by concentrating on property types whose demand is driven by  major demographic trends.
These demographic trends ensure a continuing demand for certain types of real estate regardless of the condition of the overall economy. An astute investor who capitalizes on these trends can enjoy downside protection throughout economic cycles.
Investment Criteria
The Asset Type

The asset type and investment concept must be viable regardless of the overall health of the economy or general conditions in the real estate market.


There must be at least one structural risk mitigant to protect against loss of capital.

Potential Returns
Potential returns must be commensurate with private equity investment risk.

Operating Partners
Operating partners must be high quality niche-focused organizations with significant experience in acquiring, developing and operating the targeted real estate property types. 
Impact Investments
Our investments are an entry point for both newer investors and seasoned investors who are mission driven investors and understand that targeting certain sectors at the right time can not only generate substantial returns but can also have a positive impact well beyond cash flow.
Our funds past, present and future have unique focuses not only in targeted demographic sectors but in making a positive impact in peoples lives. From the opportunities created by the critically shrinking supply of workforce housing to supporting development of new senior housing communities around the country working together with Bridge investors can make a positive impact.

Triple Bottom Line Returns: Today, Bridge investors, along with our joint venture partners and institutional investors, continue to adhere to the investment philosophy driven by making a positive impact in our communities

Bridge Capital Management’s   approach to exponentially leveraging the positive impact of relatively small investments to produce triple-bottom-line (TBL) returns:

First Bottom Line: Generating solid returns including substantial cash-flow distributions.

Second Bottom Line: Supplying housing for value-conscious workforce families and retirees along with supportive services  for residents and their surrounding communities.

Third Bottom Line:  From providing for those who have provided for us and making a positive impact in the lives of seniors and their families to cost effectively providing environmental sustainability with improvements that use eco-friendly materials and reduce energy consumption, Bridge is committed to be your connection to making both positive returns and a positive impact.