Fund Administration Center

The Fund Administration Center ( FAC ) is a secure dedicated web-based reporting portal intended to maintain compliance and help satisfy the demands of investors for access to investment and portfolio-related information.

The FAC is ideal for delivering documents, fund research and account information to investors and partners in a visually stunning manner. We also integrate other security features that rival an online banking experience.

Our secure investor portal allows investors to download privileged documents and provides clients with online access to fund and account information, transaction history, current value, and performance.

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BCM Branded FAC Login
Investor Portal

Investor Benefits

Bridge Capital Management investors in our flagship funds like Senior Living Fund and all our co managed funds gain transparency and secure access to account, fund and marketing information.

  • Investors secure online access to account statements, partner letters and K-1s
  • Increased transparency by posting fund performance, research data or account-level analytics
  • See your monthly & quarterly preferred return payments posted similar to online banking with dynamic capital accounts.

Partner Benefits

Bridge Capital Management partners with a wide group of stakeholders including but not limited to C0-Fund Managers, RIA’s, General Partners, Developers, Operators and various Joint Venture arrangements. The Fund Administration Center (FAC ) provides partners centralized Fund support and lowers the expense load amongst multiple funds. The FAC brings an added level of compliance to our partners and stakeholders.

  • View All Investors in your Funds in Full Transparency
  • Our user permission system ensures that each investor and potential investor receives only the information that is relevant to them
  • Increased transparency by posting fund performance, research data or account-level analytics
  • Maintain a culture of compliance by tracking page views, document views and login frequency, The FAC will discourage the redistribution of confidential information from the investor portal with PDF Watermarking